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Download trial

  Request a trial license.

To be able to use the trial, you'll need a time limited trial license, which you can obtain by clicking the 'license request' button.
license request

  Download the ORM Profiler trial.

The trial is fully functional for 15 days and can be downloaded by clicking the 'download trial' button.
 download trial 

Installation instructions
Please unpack the un a folder and run the ORMProfiler-v1.5-setup.exe file (the ORM Profiler installer) it contains. If you're going to install the trial on Microsoft Vista / 7 / 8, you'll be asked to give permission to run the installer due to UAC. Simply click 'Allow' and the installer will run successfully. It requires admin privileges to install the trial.

The license you'll receive through email has to be copied into the installation folder. If you installed ORM Profiler into the program files folder, you have to be administrator to copy the license file to that folder. If you can't elevate your user to administrator level for this action, install ORM Profiler in your Users folder instead (e.g. c:\users\your user name).

Should you encounter any problems with running the trial installation, please contact us at We'll be glad to help you.

Trial functionality and limitations
The ORM Profiler trial is fully functional for 15 days, starting on the day you request a trial license. After that period of 15 days the trial will stop functioning. If you want to continue working with ORM Profiler you should purchase per seat licenses.

Release notes
For the release notes about this build, please click here.

The trial is fully supported. If you have any trouble with running/installing this trial, feel free to post your question(s) on our support forums by using this link: ORM Profiler support forums. (You have to register to be able to post a message). We'll be happy to help you!